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This school (only one of its kind) teaches Medicine as a single whole with integration of all its component subjects by multiple links and emphasis on electronic media learning for procedures. It maximizes acquisition of medical skills using virtual environment rather than rote. Practically all medical skills and laboratories are here with multimedia to explain very difficult theoretical concepts. It uses JAVA MACHINE with multimedia facilities and hypertext files for learning. Are you preparing for professional or repeat examinations or a doctor/student who wants to learn/refresh clinical or other practical skills? This is for you!
While you can copy most texts, the multimedia facilities are not copiable or printable except by freehand, but there are free downloads and buywares.
 The entire website based on  IPEM is FREE for learning. It was exhibited at Imperial College, St Mary's Hospital, London, May 2008, at Oxford World Forum August 2008 and published in Medical Teacher 31 (6) 562, 2009.

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  Study all aspects of human medicine
  Complete courses in elementary, professional, advanced and clinical human anatomy.
  Study all practicals in human medicine to include clinical programs (anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, pharmacology, pathology, hematology, chemical pathology medical microbiology, obstetrics and gynecology, pediatrics, community health,  medicine, surgery, ophthalmology, dermatology, ent, psychiatry, radiology, anesthesia, orthopedics, in (e-laboratory)
  Recombinant DNA Technology and Molecular medicine with genetic conditions.
  Study for all professional examinations such as undergraduate and postgraduate e.g. primaries etc
  Study all diseases known to mankind
  Study all fractures and heart and lung sounds and all laboratory and medical procedures and surgeries
  Study all investigations known to mankind
  E subject courses available for all subjects and in anatomy crafted especially for professional examinations repeat assessments.
  Electronic Objective Structured Clinical Evaluation (E-OSCE) with long cases for professional examinations in Medicine   Surgery   Obstetrics & Gynecology   Pediatrics, short cases, clinicopathological cases and even preclinical cases.
  Saturday school of Examinations for 18 months.

Departments of the School and their electronic courses


Chemical Pathology
Community Health
Medical Microbiology
Obstetrics & Gynecology
Orthopedics & Trauma
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Beginner's Page
Electronic courses
Electronic laboratories
Electronic OSCE
Electronic Human Anatomy Museum
Virtual Human Osteology Museum
Electronic Dissector- Elementary
Electronic Dissector-Advanced
Electronic Doctor
Electronic Midwife
Electronic Surgeon
Electronic fractures
Electronic Postmortem

Electronic Library
Electronic Diseases
Electronic Investigations
Electronic Dictionary of terms

Electronic integration of organs
Electronic courses

Digital Locator


 Sir John Oluwole Ogunranti KOJ (UK)
Master Dipl World Acad Lett.




      Complete access to the only Human Anatomy Museum on the
    web (500 specimen) or check its tables museum.

      Complete access to Virtual Human Osteology Museum

      Study of all individual human bones, organs & neuroanatomy

      Study all arteries, veins, lymphatics, nerves, muscles, joints  
    and ligaments in the human body and histology slides, tissue
    processing, rotating bones & organs examination, embryology   

    video scans and congenital anomalies, ultrasound embryology and

    clinical anatomy, genetics and genetic diseases.

      Study all microbes pathogenetic to man and all parasites

      Electronic embryology which contains videos, first of its kind
    on VCD/DVD and Practical embryology using clay models.

      Human Anatomy Electronic dissector (first to use real
    cadavers): Elementary and Advanced.

      Electronic Xrays, MRI, CAT scans and ultrasound imaging

      Electronic diseases, temperaments and human races.

      Electronic doctor, Electronic midwife, Electronic surgeon
    Electronic postmortem, Electronic fractures programs (firsts of
    their kind); clinical diagnostic signs in Medicine animated.

      Electronic clinical demonstrations and preclinical cases

      Electronic clinical conferences

      Electronic clinicopathological conferences

     Medical zoology and Life taxonomy

      Tropical diseases and High technology medicine

      Electronic learning Library of Medicine (first of its kind) and many more to come! Watch out!


Are you a layman who is fascinated with the architecture of the human body, or a sports man or bodybuilder then examine your  muscles or muscles groups for development? You also need to see the elementary dissector to dissect REAL human body yourself! Also let the Atlas of Human anatomy talk to you. You can download some dissectors free!  You can also select the sex of your baby.

Beginner's page
Dictionary of Anatomy                                 Search

Encyclopedia of Medicine

Discussion forum on Electronic Medicine- why not join on line discussion on Electronic medicine?

Teachers' corner
Are you a teacher? You can teach with this website by demonstrating its videos, slides etc on line in your classroom. You can also give assignments and examinations to your students. Check Teacher's page and slide page

Course definition
Medicine leading to the award of professional qualification  as a medical doctor (MD) and allied professions.

Electronic quizzes

Experience the exotic quizzes of the Saturday school

Experience Anatomy Game on the web

Examine 100 most common diseases

Brain dissector

Program advice for first time users

If you are amateur, go to elementary dissector
If you are a sports enthusiast go to sportspage.
If you are a beginner in medicine go to Beginner's page
If you are interested in doing online courses in medicine with certification then go to
EOSCE and choose your subject.
 If you are using this program for the first time go to
ecourses then if a clinical student/doctor to Electronic doctor from where you will get links to all subjects of Medicine. If a preclinical student go to system integration
 If you are revising or doing postgraduate professional examinations, go to EOSCE or departments for ecourses first.
 If you are revising or learning laboratories for professional examinations, go to
 If you are non medical health professional student , go to
ecourses in anatomy and pick your profession first
If you wish to search for an item in medicine, go to search page or
Integration in two modes 
Electronic doctor
system integrationI-and organ integration.


Obstetrical history-Roll over mouse on labels for history


     Diseases of the human body Search all items of human
Faculty calendar Students' Professional Examinations Test yourself -EOSCE Spot diagnosis


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