Love is divided into vary many categories.


Romantic or erotic love


Brotherly love


Filial or parental love


Spiritual love

Romantic love is one between husband and wife or wife to be. We therefore make a definition of this love as the interest to make one individual a life partner.

In romantic love we make love because we love or are in love. Love is different from lust. What most young people call love is actually lust. Love is a state of mind which gives rather than demands. It usually leads to marital harmony. It can never exist outside the marriage for if it does, it only provides avenue for lust which is practiced 100% by animals. It is impossible to say you love someone who is not your wife/husband unless of course you wish to marry that person. The fact that you donít want to marry the individual is enough ample evidence that you donít love that individual, you only wish to use him/her as mistress or sex slave. It is also difficult to say you love more than one person at a time. If that be the case, you should then contemplate marrying all of them, for to leave one behind is to earmark that unfortunate one for the act of sex slavery.

Pleasure, love and procreation are the  only safe or healthy ways of having sexual intercourse. All the other reasons for having intercourse might cause one problem or the other for the practitioner, which might lead to lack of sexual or reproductive health. They are therefore not considered sexually hygienic practices.

Healthy sex

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