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Breast Pectoral region Anterior arm Anterior arm Dorsum of hand Dorsum of hand Face Anterior thigh Anterior thigh Male perineum Female perineum Abdomen Pelvis Neck Anterior leg Dorsum of foot Anterior leg Dorsum of foot Posterior forearm Anterior arm Brain Cranial cavity Female pelvis Male abdomen Click area of interest to dissect
Scapular region Scapular region Posterior arm Posterior arm Anterior forearm Palm Posterior thigh Posterior thigh (female) Back Back of leg Back of leg Sole Back of head and neck Posterior forearm


Elementary Atlas of
Human Anatomy

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Brain dissector
Cerebral dissector
Striatal dissector

Pregnancy dissector
Eye dissector
Inner ear dissectori
Skull dissector
Brain assembler
Heart dissector
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Upper Extremity
: Pectoral region, Female breast, Scapular region, Front of arm, Back of arm,
Front of forearm, Back of forearm, Palm and
Back of hand.

Lower Extremity: Front of thigh, Back of thigh, Gluteal region, Front of leg Back of  leg, Sole, Dorsum of foot

Thorax: Front of thorax, Thoracic cage

Abdomen: Front (anterior wall)  and Peritoneal cavity, Back (Posterior wall)

Pelvis Pelvis, Female perineum, Male perineum, Penis

Head and Neck: Face Front of neck, Back of head and neck, Cranial cavity, Back, Brain, Spinal cord

Bones: Bones page; Pectoral girdle, Arm bone, Forearm bones, Hand bones, Pelvic girdle, Thigh bones Leg bones, Foot bones, Thoracic cage, Abdominal bones, Skull and neck bones.

Organs: Organs gallery




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