Dissector of Abdomen
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Layer 1  [Skin of male abdomen]
Layer 2  [Camper's fascia layer]
Layer 3  [Scarpa's fascia layer]
Layer 4  [External oblique layer]
Layer 5  [Rectus sheath layer]
Layer 6  [Internal oblique layer]
Layer 7  [Transversus abdominis]
Layer 8  [Transversalis fascia]
Layer 9  [Greater sac layer]
Layer 10 [Layer of small intestine]
Layer 11 [Transverse colon]
Layer 12 [Posterior abdominal
Layer 13 [Deep part of posterior
              abdominal wall]
Layer 14 [Layer of bones]
Posterior abdominal wall




Lymphatic drainage
Clinical anatomy

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