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LIVING ANATOMY MEGAEXAMINER [rollover to label; click to display


Pectoral region


Living anatomy

Skin and living anatomy

Skin is lax and it has Langer's lines which run transversely.

Superficial fascia.

This is expanded to accommodate the mammary gland in the female. In other areas of the pectoral region it may not be fully developed, especially in the male.

Roll over mouse to dissect breast

Deep fascia

This is called pectoral fascia and it accommodates the pectoralis major which is the main muscle in the pectoral region. It also gives attachment to the ligaments which help to support the female breast especially in the nulliparous (no child) woman. This fascia is continuous above with the deep investing fascia of neck and below it is continuous with the membranous superficial fascia of the anterior abdominal wall. It is pierced by numerous cutaneous vessels and nerves.

Pectoral fascia- roll over mouse to remove 1 sternal angle (T4/5) 2 xiphoid process (T9) 3 suprasternal notch (T2/3)


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Pectoral locator Pectoral dissector Pectoral assembler


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Lymphatic drainage
Organ integration
Clinical anatomy

Pectoral girdle

Shoulder joint

Injuries to humerus Injuries to shoulder joint
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