Joint animation

DESCRPITION: This joint has two main articulations- 1. humero-ulnar which is between the trochlear notch of ulna and the trochlea of the humerus. 2. humero-radial which is the articulation between the capitulum and the head of radius. It has an articular capsule which is strengthened by the following ligaments.


o        Anterior band of ulnar collateral ligament

o        Posterior band of ulnar collateral ligament

NERVE SUPPLY: Mainly the musculocutaneous and radial nerves. But others are

BLOOD SUPPLY: Elbow anastomoses

Roll over mouse: Elbow anastomoses

MOVEMENTS: Hinge joint- hence movement is flexion and extension

         Flexion: Assisted by brachialis, biceps brachii and brachioradialis.

         Extension: By triceps brachii and anconeus




Skin over joint

Interior of joint


Elbow joint

Elbow joint










Lymphatic drainage
Clinical anatomy

Clinical examination
Elbow injuries
Elbow joint
Surgical approach to elbow joint
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