ORIGIN: Thyrocervical trunk.


COURSE/DISTRIBUTION:  This artery takes its origin from the thyrocervical trunk and passes downwards and laterally, initially across the scalenus anterior (and the phrenic nerve) and behind the sternocleidomastoid and the internal jugular vein. It then passes in front of the subclavian artery and the brachial plexus to reach the superior border of the scapula. It passes above the superior border of the scapula on the superior transverse ligament, which separates it from the suprascapular nerve in the suprascapular foramen of the scapula. It enters the supraspinous fossa to supply the supraspinatus and by passing through the spinoglenoid notch or foramen (if the inferior transverse scapular ligament is present) it enters the infraspinous fossa, deep to the infraspinatus where it anastomoses with circumflex scapular artery and the deep branch of the transverse cervical artery, the two major branches from the 1st part of subclavian artery that take part in the scapular anastomoses. It supplies the muscles of the back of the scapula and the shoulder and acromioclavicular joints.



  • Muscular branches
  • Acromial branch
  • Sternal branch
  • Anastomotic branches.
















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