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Pectoral region
Layer 8- Layer of bones

Rotate bones of pectoral girdle

1 humerus shaft 2 coracoid process of scapula 3 acromion of scapula 4 clavicle 5 1st rib 6 2nd rib 7 3rd rib 8 4th rib 9 5th rib 10 6th rib 11 7th rib 12 8th rib 13 9th rib 14 10th rib 15 scapula 16 lumbar vertebrae 17  manubrium sterni 18 sternum body

clavicle  sternum  scapula  ribs  humerus

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Layer theory




Remove intercostal muscles and clean the bones to expose the bones of the pectoral girdle  
Display bones of pectoral girdle




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