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Pectoral region
Layer 7- Layer of joints

Click to dissect from layer of joints pectoral region of (layer 7) to layer of bones of pectoral region (layer 8)

1 anterior sternoclavicular ligament 2 costoclavicular ligament 3 superior transverse scapular ligament 4 conoid (coracoclavicular) ligament    5 coracoacromial ligament 6 trapezoid (coracoclavicular) ligament  7 superior glenohumeral ligaments 8 articular capsule of shoulder joint

1intercostal muscles a internal intercostal muscle b intimate intercostal muscle a external intercostal muscle 2 head of humerus 3 glenoid cavity 4 capsule of shoulder joint 5 glenohumeral joint

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Remove intercostal muscles and clean the bones (pectoral girdle)




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