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Pectoral region
Layer 4- Superficial layer of muscle

Click to dissect from superficial muscles layer of pectoral region (layer 4) to intermediate muscles layer (layer 5)

1 deltoid 2 clavicular part of pectoralis major and clavicle 3 pectoralis major- sternocostal part 4 remnant of pectoral fascia 5 serratus anterior  6 thoracodorsal nerve 7 cephalic vein 8 median nerve 9 brachial artery and brachial vein 10 deltopectoral groove 11 sternocleidomastoid (cut) 12 biceps brachii 13 ulnar nerve 14 armpit  

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Remove pectoralis major and deltoid to expose pectoralis minor, serratus anterior, brachial plexus and biceps brachii   
Dissect pectoralis major


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