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Temple brain dissection
Layer 1 [Skin layer]
Layer 2 [Superficial fascia layer]
Layer 3 [Layer of muscles]
Layer 4 [Deep investing fascia of neck layer]
Layer 5 [Galea aponeurotica layer]
Layer 6 [Temporal fascia layer]
Layer 7 [Temporalis layer]
Layer 8 [Skull layer]
Layer 9 [Temporomandibular joint layer]
Layer 10 [Carotid triangle]
Layer 11[Larynx]
Layer 12 [Hypoglossal nerve]
Layer 13 [Trachea]
Layer 14 [Cervical vertebrae]
Brain dissection
Layer 1 [Meninges & operculum]
Layer 2 [Frontal block]
Layer 3 [Insular cortex]
Layer 4 [White matter of Insular cortex]
Layer 5 [External capsule]
Layer 6 [Lateral ventricle]
Layer 7 [Lentiform nucleus]
Layer 8 [Caudate nucleus]
Layer 9 [Internal capsule]
Layer 10 [Thalamus]
Layer 11 [3rd ventril]e]
Layer 12 [3rd ventricle II]
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Temple-brain video [Interactive video]

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